The Constitution of Our Community Church


The Community Church of Union is the gathering of Christians from various backgrounds to worship God, and share in the unity we have in Jesus Christ. We seek to serve one another and our community in Christ's love, and honor and glorify God. Respecting the variety of spiritual gifts and Christian growth, all members shall have liberty and freedom of conscience regarding their faith.

The Community Church of Union shall entertain two types of membership. All applications for membership are subject to the approval of the Church Board.

Section 1. By Letter:
Those persons shall be admitted into regular membership in this church who are members in good standing in any other church of Christian faith, by the legal transfer of his or her letter. Membership may be removed by letter of transfer.

Section 2. By Confession of Faith:
Those persons shall be admitted into regular membership in this Church who may or not be members of any other church, upon confession of faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Such confession may be made either in the presence of the Pastor, the Church Board, or the Congregation.

Section 1. Form of Government
This Church shall be inter-faith in character and independent in form of government. The majority of members present at regular or called business meetings shall rule in all matters of business excepting in those matters delegated to the Church Board and matters concerning amendments as provided for in ARTICLE III of this Constitution.

Section 2. Votes and Quorums
All members shall be entitled to vote and hold office. Twenty-five votes shall constitute a quorum of the membership for the transaction of business. A lesser number shall have the power to adjourn.

Section 1. Annual Meeting
An Annual Meeting for business shall be held each January. At this meeting the financial statement of the Church shall be submitted. Committee and Other Church Group activity and financial reports may be presented at the discretion of the Church Board. Officers and committee vacancies shall be filled at this meeting. Nominees shall come from the Nominating Committee roster or from the Congregation at the time of election.

Section 2. Special Meetings
Special Meetings may be held at the call of the Pastor, the Church Board or upon the written request of five members, each call to give at least one week's notice of the meeting and a statement of the special business to come before it. The chairman of the Church Board or the Pastor shall act as the presiding officer at all business meetings. Major property transactions require a majority vote of the congregation at a special meeting with a least two weeks' notice. The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members, at a special meeting, with a least two weeks' notice.

The Officers of the Church shall be the Pastor, Church Board, Trustees, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and Clerk.

Section 1. Pastor
In the election of a Pastor, the Church Board shall authorize the Pulpit Committee to conduct a pastoral search for candidates and recommend them to the Church Board. The pastoral candidate shall have Church Board's approval prior to approval by the Congregation. In the event any pastoral relationship should be desired to terminate, sixty days notice shall be given by either party. Pastoral Duties shall be determined by the Pastor and the Church Board.